New "IPCom" IP-based intercom system - available autumn 2022

Main Features

- No need for physical matrix. The system just needs a switch to operate.

- Up to 32 Channels accessible from one user panel (16 keys, 2 pages). Up to 128 users & 128 groups.

- Expandable system. Compatible with standard IP LAN networks.

- Affordable cabling (CAT5/6 regular wiring)

- “Plug & Play”. Beltpacks come pre-configured and ready to run in a basic 2-channel partyline operation configuration.

- Intuitive and easy-to-use configuration software.

- Poe-powered user beltpacks come with two keys/encoders, allowing the operation of up to 6 intercom channels plus private calls, cue-light receiver, speaker & mic, Bluetooth, text messages reception...

- Distributed intelligence” concept. ALTAIR IPCom goes one step further by getting rid of the classic physical matrix. Every beltpack or station acts as a back-up of the complete network configuration.

- New beltpacks design: ergonomic and lightweight housing made of highly resistant ABS.

- Standard 4M-XLR headset connector.

IPCom (E-300) Series models

- IPB-306 6-channel PoE beltpack

- IPF-316 16-key user panel

- IPX-301 Partyline interface (4W&2W) to connect IPCom systems to wired and wireless partyline intercom systems by any manufacturer.


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