"IPW-306" 6-channel console

In response to a frequent request, IPW-306 has been added to the IPcom family to provide an easy-to-use, rugged and immediately accessible fixed communication console for any user. This unit is a perfect choice for theater dressing rooms, break rooms in emergency service facilities, backstage corridors and other locations for emergency communications.

The unit is equipped with a built-in speaker and panel microphone, plus a heaset connector (XLR 4M).

Desktop use is also perfectly possible with this device, making this product a great choice for vans or DSNG units that do not need many private communication channels.

6-channel communication (3 pages, 2 channels per page), IP-based, PoE powered (additional connector for redundant powering or networks where PoE is not available), cue-lights, send receive.

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