NEW COMPACT WIRED COMMUNICATION UNIT "EM-203". Regular use (connected to headset) or hands-free.

ALTAIR´s "TUBECOM" has been designed in response to the demand of versatile hands-free devices for the A/V industry. Thanks to its built-in microphone and speaker, this small single channel unit can be used both as a regular wired intercom beltpack or as a hands-free device.

In moderate noise environments, the unit`s speaker allows one or more users to listen to the partyline without wearing headsets.

If necessary, the built-in MIC can be used to communicate with the intercom channel and when the ambient gets louder the user can plug a headset and use the "TUBECOM" as a regular beltpack.

Connections: Headset: 4P XLR (male); Intercom line: 3P XLR (male)

Dimensions // weight: 135 x 31 x 26 mm // 205 gr NET


+ Aluminum low weight enclosure. Belt clip;

+ Built-in speaker and microphone;

+ "ON/OFF" microphone switch ("Push o Talk" and latch modes);

+ Compatible with "MIC KILL" and "BUZZ KILL" remote functions (actuated from an ALTAIR base station);

+ Illuminated "CALL" button; 

+ Microphone limiter for ear protection and fatigue-free communication.

Frontal 1 edit DIAG EM 203



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