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Last 10-13 of May, our products were displayed at Prolight + Sound Guangzhou at the booth of our official distributor in China "EAD"  ( )cid part1 76AFBEFF 65F19A39altairaudio

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Thanks to its knowledge of ALTAIR products, gained over several years of close colaboration with our team, the EAD staff is able to offer the best advice for integrators and end users regarding the choice of the best intercom solution, wether for a fixed installation or portable applications.

As seen in the pictures, EAD is one of the first companies to aquire the new Cue Light system, so we are eager to receive some feedback about it from the end users.

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It´s always a joy to share this kind of news, thank you so much for the pictures!

For the thirtieth time in a row, we had the pleasure of being part of one of the world's leading events regarding audio, lighting and stage equipment. For this edition of the Prolight + Sound fair (Frankfurt) a change of location was decided, thanks to which we could share the hall with all the major manufacturers of the professional audio sector. This change turned out to have a highly positive influence in the influx of visitants at our booth.

For ALTAIR, the 2018 edition has been marked by the implementation of the Cue Light Series (presented as a prototype in 2017) and by the launch of several new cable intercom devices, such as the wall station / desktop "ES-201" or the previously announced " EM-203 TUBECOM "(bottom image).Frontal 1 edit DIAG EM 203

As every year, we had the opportunity to chat with old friends and acquaintances and also the good fortune to meet new contacts interested in working with our range of products. Once again, a great experience.

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With its newly released musical "TARZAN" in billboard, the theater group reveals some of the secrets of its success...

Grupo de Teatro Amorevo is an organization belonging to the Salesian community (Colegio San Miguel Arcángel, Madrid, Spain) composed of more than 100 people of all ages and dedicated to bring the theatre experience closer to people, specially the youth.

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Integrated by actors, technicians and other non-professional production staff, this organization does an impressive work, offering its young members a leisure alternative and a valuable training that will surely take several of them to work in the entertainment industry in the future.

Being this said, it´s important to make clear that the productions carried out by this theatre company could well be considered professionals, being well above what has traditionally been classified as "amateur theater". Good proof of this can be found in the huge technical and scenographic demands necessary for his last production currently on the billboard: the musical "TARZAN".

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As we had previously announced several novelties, Prolight+Sound 2017 edition looked specially promising. The event had everybody at ALTAIR quite excited for a few weeks, waiting for the first impressions and opinions of the users about the new  products.

With a wide 32 square metres booth we had plenty of space to exhibit our whole range of broducts, from our most classical analogue processors to the brand new products for fixed installation audio, production technique and intercommunication.

During the trade fair we offered a conference for our clients and distributors, in which we had the opportunity to get deep into the details of our brand-new "HD" wireless intercom system. It was a great experience that we hope to repeat soon.

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Intercommunications are our most important field of work, and It was precisely this branch the one that showed more novelties this year. We introduced the new "HD" wireless intercom system, which means a big step further in the pursue of audio quality and safety in communications. In addition to this we presented a new and surprising CUE LIGHTS system.


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