"ES-203 CL" Dual channel wall/desk intercom station with built in cue-light receiver

The new desk/wall station ES-203CL has been designed as a "mixed breed" device, sharing features from both intercom and cue light systems. Cue light systems consist on visual indications emitors and receivers, mostly used for production, coordination, security, crowd management, etc. in a wide variety of environments and applications.

This unit allows communication with two independent intercom channels, and also implements a single channel cue-light receiver. Thanks to its size and design, this station is ready to be installed as a rack or desk station, and it can also be embedded in a tailor-made hollow thanks to the variable position of the connections panel.

A built-in speaker and a panel microphone are included in the device to avoid the need of a headset. Also, an embedded 4P XLR connector (male) is included in the unit so that an intercom headset can be pluged when the situation requires it (buil-in speaker and microphone are automatically switched off when plugin in a headset).

ES-203CL is powered from and ALTAIR base station or power supply (same wire includes intercom signal and power), and the operartion of the cue light section is always controlled from an ALTAIR EC-200 cue light master panel.


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