CUE LIGHT SERIES is the brand new family of products added to ALTAIR´s "communication" branch.

Initially  consisting on three products, it will make possible to create CUE LIGHT channels to send visual indications to technicians, actors, stage managers, machinery operators and many other members of production members in TV, theatre, circus, movie shootings and other applications. All these Cue-Light devices are powered from any ALTAIR base station or from a PS-200 power supply.

EC-200 - Cue light master unit: It sends visual indications to all the members in a cue-light channel. From this unit, the user can lead the rest of the members in the channel trough all the cycle of indications ("not-active", "stand-by", "ready", "go" and back to "not-active")

        EC 200 INFOGR

ER-200 -Standalone cue-light receiver: It receives the order from an EC-200 and can also send some basic information to it ("ready" signal)

           ER 200 INFOGR FRAN

ES-203 CL - Dual channel wall/desk intercom station with built in cue-light receiver: This unit includes a built-in speaker and a panel microphone, being perfect for communication with with backstage and dressing rooms. The unit also includes a headset connector for more private communications.

ES 203 CL recortada



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