MAP128 / MAP1216

MAP series (Matrix Audio Processor) consists of 2 different models (12/8 & 12/16) of professional audio matrix, plus its accesories (including several control options to suit different needs and applications).This family of products has been created for those commercial audio installations and professional applications demanding audio processing, distribution, automation and remote control at an affordable price.

Working in conjunction with a the supplied software 3cMAP ,the user will be able to easily set up the system, making adjusments to be stored in different presets. by recalling these presets, the user will be able to completely transform the audio setup, turning a conference room into a dancehall or a "cinema" in seconds (for example).

Proprietary RS-485 remote controls can be daisy chained in different areas along the installation, to be used by personnel in different rooms. These remote controls allow several actions, such as preset selection, volume controls, source selection, etc. being these control options restricted to a number of parameters previously defined by the installer.

As mentioned above, the device is controlled using 3CMAP Software. Connection to the computer can be carried out using both the USB connector in the front panel of the processor or the Ethernet connection located on its rear panel. While the USB port allows easy and quick setup or changes, the Ethernet connection will allow local or distant computer operation.

Wireless access is carried out by using a Wi-Fi link over the Ethernet. This will allow "LAN" operation of the unit. A simplified version of 3cMAP software is available on the app store to be runed on android devices for easy move-around control.

As for the audio features, the unit offers a full set of components that includes high performance mic/line preamps, virtual input routing, mixer, EQ, filtering, dynamics, delay, crossover, output matrix, priority ducking, frequency shiftes, remote control, preset storage, meters, etc. The unit includes all the necessary to face the most challenging applications.

Crystal-clear processing is guaranteed by using last generation A/D converters and leading edge DSP technology. All this running in parallel with the renowned ALTAIR input preamps. Also, MAP series feature balanced output drivers, developed by Altair’s engineering team using the huge knowledge treasured after decades manufacturing mixing consoles.

A real time clock and calendar are integrated on the unit, allowing to schedule tasks that will be executed automatically by the unit at the designated time. This means the system will change its configuration depending on the time of the day without user intervention, opening a wide horizon of potential applications.

When more inputs or outputs are needed, the system can be expandded by cascading another unit using the Link connections (max. 2 units). Thanks to the built-in GPIO interface the unit can control relays, adding even more options for the installer. Voice messages can be stored in the unit, allowing the user to easily set up an "evacuation" preset to be recalled if necessary.

Micro1Micro2VCR,CD,DVDAPMsMixerRemotesRed LANLAN WLAN


  • Stadiums, sports and arenas.
  • Cruise & boat tours.
  • Multi-purpose facilities.
  • Auditoriums, theatres, lecture halls.
  • Paging systems, PA.
  • Schools & universities.
  • Courts of law, civic centres.
  • Broadcast, production studios.
  • Theme parks, transport stations.
  • Offices, malls and shopping centres.
  • Restaurants, night clubs.
  • Hotel meeting rooms.
  • Houses of worship.
  • Conference centres.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Sports, gaming spaces.


  • 12 Mic/Line/+48V INPUTS 8 or 16 OUTPUTS.
  • Control by USB, Ethernet, REM2 remotes and GPIO.
  • 3cMAP Soft for PC and wireless control on Android devices.
  • Link connection for increased number of in/outs.


  • Mixing: routing, matrix, auto-mixing, priority ducking.
  • Dynamic Processing: Compressor, limiter, expander, ducker.
  • AF-Frequency shifting effect for increased acoustic gain.
  • Equalisation: PEQ, HP&LP shelving, notch.
  • Crossovers: 2 to 8 ways multi type.
  • Delays 0 to 1000 ms INPUTS | 0 to 300 ms OUTPUTS.
  • Stored messages, meters, tone and pink noise generators.


Proprietary RS-485 remote controls can be daisy chained to different areas for personnel attending in preset setup, volume control, source selection, etc. Remote control access is restricted to a set of parameters previously defined by the installer.


  • Remote control for MAP series Processors.
  • Source selection/Program selection/Presets.
  • Volume and Mute control.
  • Infrared control included.
  • Simple Cat5 parallel wiring

ElApli REM2 1280x681


Logo 3cMAP


Abbreviated 3cMAP software apps are available to run on android devices for easy move-around control.


executable Application 3cMAP (for registered users).

Download attachments:


  • executable MAP-1208 & MAP-1216 matrix audio processors program control. Free (2,5 Mb). (137 Downloads)
  • zip High resolution images Processor / Matrix Audio (1.8 Mb) (59 Downloads)
  • pdf MAP processors brochure (63 Downloads)


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